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We generate ad-hoc financial structures and carry out their implementation


About us

We are an independent financial advisory company. We offer excellence in the structuring and implementation of solutions, fitted to the specific requirements of each company and / or project.


Redwood Capital was founded by partners with extensive experience in the capital market, and with a deep knowledge and understanding of stakeholder needs .

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Business areas

Structured financing

We develop financing structures according to the specific requirements of each company or project, and assist in the search for investors to finance transactions.


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

We advise on strategic decisions related to purchases and sales of companies, both public and private, acquisitions and divestments of assets, search for strategic partners, joint ventures , and strategic alliances.


Financial restructuring

We support and carry out the processes of change in the capital structures of companies, whether due to periods of financial stress, adaptation to the current business situation, or achievement of objectives.


Valuations and

fairness opinions

We give our opinion regarding the fair value of assets in order to support mergers, purchase or sale agreements, transfers, executive compensations, among others.


capital and debt raising

We advise on securing financing, either through debt, equity, or mezzanine instruments, both in the private and public capital markets, and both local and foreign markets.




real estate


Our long-standing experience in the financial market allows us to support the processes of buying, selling and financing real estate as investment assets and real estate projects in development and consolidation stages.




our team


Founding Partner
daniel subelman a.
Founding Partner


cristóbal güell e.
Asesor Externo
esteban ortega h.
Diego dabovich k.

mission and VALUES


  • To be the trusted advisors of our clients, in order to support them in all aspects and decisions related to their business


  • Support our clients in the realization of their investments and their sources of financing.

  • Optimize and channel the interaction between companies and projects, and the various investors and stakeholders.

values and principles

Clients first



Entrepreneurial spirit




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